5 DIY Storage Ideas

    If your home is in a state of disarray with items strewn about, you’re not alone. Many people struggle with trying to find places to store items without their space becoming completely consuming by these objects. Check out these five DIY storage projects to keep each room of your home organized.


    Make your bathroom counters spotless by taking advantage of the cabinet under the sink. From adhesive hooks to a lazy susan, there are many ways to utilize every inch of space in this out-of-sight storage area. If you’re still in need of more space in your bathroom, install a wooden plank above the door to use as a storage shelf. You can also place storage cubbies and other necessities atop the plank shelf to give your bathroom a fresh, organized look.


    Ran out of room for your spices? Simply make a magnetic, under-shelf spice rack. With this modern rendition of a spice rack, sifting through your collection of spices will be a thing of the past. Still in need of more room for your cooking items? Install a peg board in your kitchen. Clear your cabinets by hanging your pots, pans, and large utensils that tend to crowd their confined spaces on the board. Finding your desired kitchen tool will now be a breeze with this affordable hack.

    Living Room

    Instantly add life to the dull corners of your living room with floating shelves. By installing shelves, you can adorn your living room with pictures and accessories to flaunt your personality. Take it a step further by hiding your items in storage bins placed along the shelves for a creative way to stash your mess. That once useless corner will be transformed into the showstopper of your home.


    Are office supplies taking over your workspace? Just use Mason jars. Lay the jars on their side, and stack them on top of each other to form a pyramid. Use a glue gun to keep the jars in place, and you’ve created the perfect cubby for your office supplies. Or, line them up on a shelf to store pens, markers, paper clips, or scissors. Add your own decorative touches to personalize the jars.


    Garages are notorious for being cluttered with tools, but they don’t have to be. Easily transform the clutter with PVC pipes. Use PVC pipes to both categorize and display your large tools. This DIY idea includes some manual labor, but is a clever way to store tools. If you’re still searching for a solution to organizing your smaller tools, simply add a peg board along the wall to hang them to your liking.

    Keeping order in your home is simple with these DIY ideas. Whether it’s a minor adjustment, like gluing mason jars together to systemize your office supplies, or a more major project like installing floating shelves in the corners of your living space to decorate or stock items, each of these projects are manageable. The greatest thing about these ideas is that it gives you the freedom to personalize your own home.

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