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    5 Special Secrets to Impress Home-buyers

    Like to know the secrets of how to present your best home to potential home-buyers? With the aid of my “5 Special Secrets,” you don’t have to be afraid of a buyer’s walk-through. There are key factors to help your home! So, if you want to make a good first impression on home staging

    Go Gimmick

    To attract attention, pull out the stops. If you plan to show during the Summer, set light snacks and water bottles in your kitchen. Include a bit of signage to “Help Yourself.” And, it is not my secret but didn’t you love the fresh-baked chocolate-chip cookies in the last home you bought? Remember the one that was staged perfectly for YOU?


    Which side of your property looks best? Is it your backyard gazebo? Your master suite? The secret is to highlight the best features. Try investing in a few new accessories like new plants or new artwork, then your best feature will look even more stunning!

    Do Curb

    The facts state curb appeal and then more curb appeal! The secret is not neglecting the exterior spaces of your home. It is all about the first impression so manicure your lawn, spruce up those shrubs, and paint that fading bit of trim.


    Above all, clean the obvious areas—stove, ceiling fans, and bathrooms. Then consider completing the coup de grace of cleaning: do mailboxes, exterior doors, outside areas, air vents, and, of course, the washer and dryer. Be sure to scrub mildew and stains. Remember: a clean home is cared for and clean really means you take time to do the big things, too.


    Need to make your living area bigger? Start with your closets and the garage. These are generally where most homeowners store excess goods! Again, buyers compare homes and many start with storage. Your key is that even if you have less square-footage, organized and purged spaces will look bigger.

    *Bonus Secret: Makeover the front of your home by hiring a landscape company! Entice your buyers at your curb.

    If you’re looking to buy, sell or move, contact RJ Homes and talk to a realtor today.

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