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    5 Ways to Create the Ideal Home Office Space

    For adults and students alike, having a space designed to maximize productivity will make working at home efficient and easy. Whether you work from home, have leftover projects from the office, or have a student working on homework, a well-organized and personalized desk or work area will help you get the job done. Create your ideal at-home work space with these helpful tips.

    Pick a room with minimal distractions

    Avoid creating your home office near a busy, high-traffic area of your residence. Rooms near the kitchen or living room will bring unwanted distractions and noise. Choose a room most conducive to productivity.

    Have plenty of storage

    If sharing a workspace with the family, keep storage separated by color-coordinating and labeling organizing containers, file folders, etc. To avoid clutter, make sure there are drawers for universal desk supplies, like scissors, highlighters, and pens. Encourage everyone who works in the area to keep it clean and organized in order to limit confusion and hassle for other users.

    Invest in a comfortable chair

    Although seemingly simple, having a quality chair with plenty of support will make working infinitely more enjoyable. Test different brands, styles, and shapes for durability and all-day comfort.

    Tailor decorations to suit your personal style

    Whether you prefer surrounding your workspace with bright colors to fill the space with energy, use natural light and large windows to keep the area well-lit and open when work is stressful, or minimize decorations to limit distractions, maintaining a well-decorated, personalized space helps you get into the working mindset. When responsibilities are bogging you down, a welcoming office can make a huge difference in how you feel.

    Make sure there are electrical outlets nearby

    Avoid putting desks far away from electrical outlets. A dying tablet, laptop, or cell phone are inevitable when working long hours. Strategically place work areas near electrical outlets with room for a power strip to keep all technology charged and ready to work.

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