At-Home Workouts for the Summer

    It’s hard enough incorporating workouts into a hectic schedule, but it can be especially fatiguing exercising in the heated conditions of Southern Arizona.

    Don’t let the sun dictate your fitness schedule. Your house is your playground—with air conditioning. Put on your favorite workout gear, blast your motivation music, and take advantage of the space and amenities of your own home to break a sweat in comfort.

    Strength Training

    Strength training is a physical exercise focusing on resistance to help maintain muscle and bone mass.  Regardless of age, adding strength training to your workout routine can help reduce body fat and burn calories, resulting in healthy weight loss.

    Resistance Bands – These strength trainers are excellent exercise tools ideal for workouts at home and portable for traveling too. Resistance bands help tone your lower body, upper body, and chest without the use of free weights.

    Dumbbells – Dumbbells are easy-to-use weights which allow you to create a variety of workouts to improve your health. Workouts with dumbbells help burn calories and increase muscular endurance.

    Cardio Workout

    Any movement that increases your heart rate and blood circulation is a cardio exercise. The goal is to improve the circulatory and respiratory system in order to make the heart and lungs healthier and stronger.

    Jump Rope – Burn over 100 calories with jump rope exercises such as jumping jacks, double jumps, and figure eights. These movements keep your heart rate up, along with shaping your shoulders, arms, legs, and chest.

    Stair Run – You can easily implement an effective strength and cardio workout using your staircase. Performing a variety of stair run techniques helps burn calories at a higher rate. Each elevated step goes against gravity, building strength in your lower body and increasing your heart rate.

    Give yourself 30 seconds for each exercise, use good technique, and perform as many repetitions as possible.

    Body Weight Exercises

    Body weight exercises are effective ways to improve balance, flexibility, and strength without the use of gym machinery or equipment. From arms to legs, chest to abs, get a fit and strong figure with body resistance alone.

    Squats – One of the best and most natural exercises are squats. The ascending and descending movements work the entire lower body, particularly quads, glutes, and hamstrings.

    Mountain Climbers – Feel the burn in your core and flatten your abs with mountain climbers. This exercise combines a plank and alternating knee drives toward your chest. The rotating knee drives increase heart rate and is a potent way to burn calories.

    Push-Ups – Push-ups are one of the best upper body workouts because it targets your arms, back, chest, and abs. This exercise will strengthen both muscle and bone, while also creating lean mass to help raise your metabolism.

    In the end you will be sweaty, stronger, and thanking your home for a free and extreme workout!

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