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    Benefits of Hiring a Home Inspector

    Make the home-buying journey easier for yourself by hiring a home inspector to do some of the most difficult work for you. Home inspectors can potentially save home buyers thousands of dollars by alerting the buyer to unseen maintenance problems.

    Save Money

    Spending a small amount of money on a home inspector can save you big money in the long run. Home inspections can uncover structural problem, roof issues, or water damage, all of which can mean costly repairs. Find problems after you close and the cost of repair is all yours. 


    A major advantage of a home inspection before you buy is that it can give you room to negotiate the price. Plumbing, electrical, and included appliances will all be checked during the inspection. If a problem is found and the current owner has no plans to fix it, you will be able to lower your offer to include the cost of repairs.


    Safety should be the main goal of a home inspection. Aside from the major foundation and electrical issues, it’s necessary for your home to have clean air and working alarms. Inspectors will be checking smoke and carbon monoxide detectors along with testing for mold; problems that would remain invisible if not for a home inspection.

    No Surprises

    For any homebuyer, it is important to know what you’re buying. Home inspections will look beneath the surface to reveal issues that could be easily overlooked. A home inspection can not only alert you to problems that require immediate attention but can also identify problems that may arise in the future. You wouldn’t buy a car without sitting inside and test driving it first. The same precautions should be taken when buying a home—it’s important to know that the house will be relatively trouble-free for all the years you plan on living in it.

    Bring Confidence

    Purchasing a home is a huge investment and it’s not uncommon to second-guess your decision to buy. Hiring a home inspector can ease your worries and make it a lot less likely that you’ll experience buyer’s remorse.

    If you have any questions on the path to homeownership, give the RJ Homes team a call today at 520.333.7777.

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