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    Easy-Breezy Construction-Free Home Fixes

    Would you like to make some easy home improvement fixes? Let’s take a moment to discuss how to make minor transformations that look major! First, breathe easy. Next, instead of going out for dinner next Saturday night, order in. With the money you save, you could pay for many of the following home improvement suggestions:

    Go Compost

    Building a compost bin can be simple. It will save you money. Plus, an eco-friendly feature is a great selling point for your home. Mix leaves, grass clippings, and other organic materials. That’s all it takes to create a nutrient-rich soil for flowers, shrubs, grass, and houseplants.

    Make Over That Front Door

    Remember my previous blogs on curb appeal? Consider repainting or replacing worn front door hardware such as hinges, door handles, door knockers, and mailboxes. Also, consider freshening the area with blooming flowers. The result? A new welcome!

    Need Some Night Light?

    Solar is the way to go. Plus, you will add an extra security feature to enhance the selling advantages of your home. Installation of solar lights can be as simple as using them to outline your front walk or to highlight landscaping.

    Try Some Variety Grass

    This fall, reseed. Or pick up some sod patches for those high-traffic worn spots. It’s all about the grass roots, and, again, that first impression. You want the grass to thrive whether you plan on staying in your home or are thinking of reselling in fall or spring!

    Seal Those Cracks

    There are ready-to-use sealants for patching concrete cracks. If you (or anyone in your household) has ever used a caulking gun, then this application should be simple. If not repaired, small cracks can quickly get worse, turning your driveway into an eyesore. Remember, an attractive, well-maintained driveway is an asset.

    Give Your Home a Power-Wash

    Power-washing features my two favorite components for an easy home fix: the equipment can be rented from your favorite home improvement store, and—like any good tool—a power-washer will almost certainly make any cleaning job faster!

    The key is to assess home improvement fixes up front. Then ask yourself one simple question, “What do I need to do before I sell?” At RJ Homes Real Estate Group, our goal is to be informative and helpful. We know real estate. We hope to earn your business with our exemplary level of service and extensive local knowledge of the Greater Tucson area.

    If you would like to start some home improvement projects, but are short on cash, there are government lending programs available for making approved renovations. For instance, the Department of Housing and Urban Development offers FHA 203(k) loan and streamlined (or limited) FHA 203(k) to help provide money for home rehab or renovation.

    To learn more about improving your home and preparing it for sale, call or contact the RJ Homes Real Estate Group at 520.333.7777. We can help sell your home or, if you’re looking for a new home, we’ll find the right home at the best possible price.

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