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    Easy Ways to Decorate for Halloween

    Halloween provides an excellent opportunity to show off your creative side. Whether it’s for your own children or for all the other kids in the neighborhood, decorating the outside of your home for Halloween is always fun and entertaining for everyone.

    If you’d like to create that haunted house look but just don’t have the time, here are a few quick and easy suggestions which will frighten and/or delight children and adults alike.

    Turn Your Front Yard Into a Graveyard

    Nothing says Halloween like a haunted graveyard, especially when it’s right outside your front door. You can make your own realistic looking gravestones from scratch with just some plywood, cardboard, or plastic foam. All you’ll need are a few basic tools, some paint, and plenty of imagination. You can also get some help from home improvement stores like Lowe’s.

    Carve Reusable Jack O’ Lanterns

    You can carve a real pumpkin, but by Thanksgiving it’ll be just a fading memory. Get an artificial pumpkin and have it as a keepsake long after fall is over. Extremely realistic pumpkins can be purchased from hobby stores or from Amazon and you can carve them just like the real thing and can even insert an LED candle inside. Make this a Halloween to remember with your own hand-carved artificial pumpkin.

    Construct Milk Bottle Ghosts

    Start saving those empty plastic milk bottles; they’re about to get spooky. Just cut a small hole in the bottom of the bottle, insert an LED light, and use a permanent marker to draw creepy faces on the side opposite the handle. Line the bottles along your walkway to light the way for trick-or-treaters on their rounds.

    Hang Scary Drapes or Cobwebs

    Want to add a ghoulish and ethereal touch to your front yard? Cut some cheesecloth into 8-foot strips, soak them in a bucket of tea overnight, and staple or tack them up around your porch. To increase the scare-factor, cut or tear some holes in the cloth. These eerie and unearthly veils will scare everyone who sees them.

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