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    Give Your Home a New Look for the New Year

    If you’ve been procrastinating on updating your home décor, the start of a new year is an ideal time to give your living space a fresh, new look. Here are some simple and inexpensive projects which will have major impact with minimum investment of time and money.

    Get Organized

    Before you undertake any remodeling, organize your closets, cabinets, and drawers. It’s not something guests will notice, but it can be a huge accomplishment and motivate you to start other home makeovers.

    Make Your Kitchen More Functional

    After becoming a pro at organizing small areas, now take on a whole room. If you analyze the work flow in your kitchen, you may find that you’re making a lot of unnecessary movements in meal preparation. Add items like a lazy susan for easy access to regularly used items, wire baskets for storage, and a rolling cart with multiple shelves to act as extra counter space when cooking or entertaining, to make your kitchen more functional and attractive.


    Every room in your home should have three sources of artificial light, enabling you to change the look of a room with the flip of a switch. You may already have one source of light in either track or pendant overhead lighting fixtures. It’s also easy to install new fixtures for an updated look. Table and floor lamps are your second light source, and the options in their design and placement are unlimited. If you like the lamps you have, replace the shades with a new color or shape. Add ambient light as your third source, using candles, sconces, or wall lamps. Finally, different types of light bulbs use different parts of the spectrum, from subtle warm red to cool blue. Discover which hue suits each room best, and then add a dimmer to adjust the look and feel of a room even more precisely.

    Area Rugs

    Area rugs can define your living space by creating an island on which chairs, sofas, or tables are placed. Place them at entryways as a welcoming attention-grabber, or use them to brighten a dark hallway. You can purchase colors to contrast with the rest of the room or blend with walls and furniture. When buying area rugs, consider the look you’re trying to achieve, the size you’ll need, and the type of wear the rug will undergo.

    Change Up the Details

    Incorporate different types of pillows to scatter around your living area, find a cool bedspread, install an interesting shower curtain, or buy a variety of colored bottles to put on windowsills or countertops. Little changes in everyday items can cumulatively create a major change in your décor, no contractors needed.

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