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    How to “Energy Save” this Summer

    Keep your summer bills down with these energy-saving tips! Now, I am not advocating simply spending less, but rather I am a proponent of strategizing more. Sourcing the Department of Energy, did you know that the quickest way to save home energy is to clean or replace the filters of your home cooling unit? So, here in the Greater Tucson area, let’s build on that one simple tip and then start a quick conversation about staying cool plus saving energy.

    For instance, Smarter House.org advocates “modifying your cooking habits.” As you know, some kitchen tools work better for certain dishes. (You wouldn’t use a soup ladle to fry steak? No, of course not.)  My input here is about appliances. You know that crockpots, slow cookers, and steamers are all popular. One reason is better food quality than with a microwave plus did you know that for longer cooking periods, the energy cost of a crockpot beats either a gas or electric oven?

    Another tip that I can offer is three easy home energy efficiency improvements – Do–It-Yourself Energy-Saving Projects

    • Water heater – Pay attention to your water heater tank. Insulating it is easy and you will reduce heat loss plus raise water temperature.
    • Weatherization – This should only take about an hour. Look for air leaks around movable “joints” like doors and windows. Then measure for weather strip needs. (Remember to add 10% to your final numbers to accommodate waste!)
    • Windows – Try installing exterior storm windows. I know this sounds odd in Southern Arizona, yet there are several ultra-thin, transparent coatings, known as low-e, that reflect long-wave infrared energy—or heat. Adding a low-e storm window will reflect the heat and will add an extra layer of insulating air.

    At RJ Homes Real Estate Group, we want your home-buying and home ownership experience to be positive in every way. That’s why, at RJ Homes, we’re there after the sale to answer all your questions—like “How can I reduce my energy costs in the summer?”

    We hope to earn your business with our exemplary level of service and extensive local knowledge of the Greater Tucson area. Call the RJ Homes Real Estate Group at 520.333.7777.

    Find the right home at the best price.

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