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    How to Prepare Your Home for Selling

    Are you thinking about moving? Careful planning and preparation can transform your home into a buyer’s dream—just follow these simple tips before listing your home:


    Prep your house for selling by taking down the family heirlooms, pictures, and knickknacks. Disassociate yourself with your home, so buyers are not distracted by all the personal touches. Allow prospective buyers to envision their future memories in clean, clear rooms. It’s also a good idea to paint the walls a neutral color so buyers aren’t turned off by color choices they may not like.

    Make Repairs

    From shaking banisters to a missing drawer handle, buyers see all the little things you may no longer even notice. Small home repairs will go a long way and make a huge difference for the overall feel of your home. Think about what you would look for when buying a house and use a buyer’s perspective when making home repairs.


    You don’t want the buyer to be distracted by a pile of books on a shelf or old and damaged furniture. Declutter each room one by one so buyers can see the full potential of your house. Rent out a storage unit to store your furniture and extra décor in the meantime. The extra time spent simplifying rooms will make all the difference.

    Deep Cleaning

    A complete dusting, vacuuming, and polishing should be done to prepare your home for the housing market. Once your home is listed, every counter, floor, and window should be neatly vacuumed or wiped-down on a daily basis. Remember to make time for this cleaning process since it could take a while. Or, hire some assistance so you can spend your time focusing on another need of the house.

    Curb Appeal

    Attract the buyer before they even step inside. From the color of your front door to the type of flowers you’ve planted, every detail matters when giving a first impression. Make your home an inviting place with a welcome mat at the front door and bright flowers planted on the home’s perimeter. Trimming the bushes, power washing the exterior, and eliminating weeds are all areas to focus on when cleaning up the outside of your home.

    Simple Décor

    After decluttering, making repairs, and cleaning, decorate your home with a simple décor. You don’t want to overwhelm the buyers with loud colors or unusual furniture. If you’re adding tables to your décor, make certain they’re an appropriate size for the space, and use the rule of three: odd numbers are more visually appealing. Finally, remember that well-lit rooms feel open and inviting. Open the curtains so natural light can flood the room or turn on lamps to fill the rooms with a soft light.

    Once you feel your home is ready to be put on the market, contact the RJ Homes team and talk with one of their real estate experts.

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