Is Your House Summer-Ready?

    Like to save on your electric bill? The good news is with a small amount of preparation, many house summer tasks are also simple savers! To make sure your rooms stay cool and bills stay low, here are my “Top Seven Summer Tips” to make your house more comfortable:

    Shut Curtains and Blinds

    To beat the Tucson heat, invest in dark and heavy shades. These deter sunlight. In your rooms that face west, keep curtains and blinds shut through the hottest hours.

    Un-block that Dryer Vent

    Keep that vented air blowing out. Check for blockages as a part of basic maintenance tasks.

    Counter-Clock Your Fans

    This can do wonders for the amount of your home’s cool air! When it is summer-hot, fan blades should spin counter-clockwise. Note: There is a switch near the light fixture to adjust this feature.

    Exhaust that Bathroom Fan

    Steam and humidity can sweat up your home. So, when you shower, turn on your fan. This summer fix is as simple as tapping a switch.

    Bake in the morning

    Instead of peak hours when you might be using more electricity, wait to bake till morning. This should lower your home’s temperature.

    Filter that Air-Conditioner

    Clean and fresh are the key words for air-conditioner life. As you know, Arizona is dusty so try to prepare ahead: Have spare filters ready.

    De-leak Your Home

    That means stopping unwanted air from coming inside while saving precious cool resources from escaping. One great, easy solution is to check caulking and insulation strips on all windows and doors as maintenance.

    Living in the Greater Tucson area real estate market offers residents and visitors alike a great opportunity to explore. And, with my “Top Seven Summer Tips,” you can return to a cooler home!

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