Pet-Proofing Your Home

    Pets add laugher and fun around your home, but they also have the possibility of causing chaos too. Chances are if your pet is not confined to a cage then it’s making a mess. Here is your room-to-room guide on making your home a safe and mess-free environment for both dogs and cats.


    The main hazard of the kitchen is food. Chocolate, grapes, and avocados are all extremely toxic if eaten by your dog or cat. Keep in mind pets cannot eat the same food we eat, so we should not be feeding them human food since we don’t know how they will react. Also, the kitchen garbage contains a possible risk of choking. Buying a garbage with a lid and keeping food out of reach will prevent any problems from occurring. Want to avoid these threats altogether? A small gate blocking off the doorway to the kitchen will ensure kitchen dangers will not be a problem in your home.


    Poisonous items under the sink are deadly to not only humans, but your pet as well. Cleaning supplies and medicines should be stored up high to avoid pets getting into a low cabinet if left open. The toilet can also contain a potential danger. Make sure the lid is always closed to avoid your pet from coming into contact with harmful chemicals.


    Plastic covering furniture is uncomfortable and an eyesore. Buy a dog or cat bed so your pet can lay comfortably without leaving fur on your furniture. Anything on the floor is fair game to your pet. Make sure all shoes and clothes are picked up so your belongings don’t become their next chew toy. Additionally, electrical wires should be hidden to prevent your dog from tripping or becoming your cat’s prey. Remember, pets love to get into anything and everything that is at their eye level.

    Living Room

    Every pet needs a variety of toys to choose from. Whether it be a bone or a mouse on a string, making sure the toys are safe is key. For cats, yarn and feathered toys can easily be chewed up and accidentally swallowed. Instead, go for a felt ball or mouse that is small enough to fit in their mouth but big enough for them not to swallow. For dogs, find a squishy but solid toy your dog can chew, play, and fetch with. Don’t give them a toy that has arms, legs, or ears, which can be chewed off and turned into a choking hazard. Remembering the possibility of your pet swallowing something they shouldn’t is a good way to choose toys in the future.


    Investing in a fence will be the best move you make since buying a pet. A fence allows your dog to run around freely without escaping and prevents your cat from running far if it escapes from your home. Lawns recently treated with chemicals and pesticides are toxic to pets. Keep all pets off the lawn until it is completely dry. Plants are pretty and add a decorative feature to your yard, but some are poisonous to pets. A variety of perennial flowers and shrubs can harm animals. Next time you’re planting in your yard, first check if the plant has the potential to hurt your pet.

    Pet-proofing can be time consuming and costly, but you will thank yourself later for taking these extra steps. Making your home clean and pet-friendly will keep your loveable pets happy and safe.

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