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    Relocation Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune

    When you decide to relocate to another city or state, there are many ways a person can save a little cash by utilizing a few simple strategies. Don’t throw your hands up and call the professional movers just yet, here are some tips to help your move be less costly – and less stressful.


    Unless you only have the bare essentials – which most of us have a tad more than that – you should consider decluttering your home. Sell whatever you can, donate clothes you haven’t worn in more than a year, and throw away items that are broken or damaged. Let’s face it, when you move to a new location you change your décor, your clothes, and sometimes even your car. Consolidate or eliminate your books, knick-knacks, children’s old toys and clothes, and other items you can live without.

    Collect Packing Materials

    You don’t have to shop for boxes to move the lion’s share of your things. Specialty boxes like ones with hangers for your delicate and expensive clothes may be worth investing in, but everything else can be put in boxes you find behind the grocery store or the local 7-11. Use coffee filters instead of newspaper and avoid ink transfer and the dishwasher. Here are more tips to help you with packing and use your moving money wisely.

    Label Your Boxes

    The biggest problem people face when they are finally in their new digs is where to start? Label boxes “open first,” so you can get to things you need on a daily basis like the coffee pot, bedsheets, towels and toiletries. Boxes generally labeled “kitchen” or “bedroom” don’t help you find a pair of shoes you need for your job, or the blender for your morning smoothie. If you put a few details about what is in the box, you can unpack in an orderly fashion. If you need supplies like specialty moving boxes, bubble wrap, or renting a hitch for your own truck, those are usually available from businesses that rent trucks.

    Ask for Help

    Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family for some help. If you have rented a truck, packed your things, and are ready to load it up, don’t be afraid to ask friends or family for some help. If you don’t have help available to you, make sure you do some research on the people you will have come to your house and handle your prized possessions.

    Choose the Method of Transportation Best for You

    Professional movers or truck rental – that is the question. If you already have all your things packed and are making a long move, a professional moving company may be for you. Sometimes weather, pets, or children can present challenges during a long trip on the road, so you may want to send your things ahead with a moving company. The pros of driving your own things are numerous; you know who has your things, where they are, and when they will arrive at your new palace. Both ways will help ease your stress.

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