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    Three Ways the Right Real Estate Agent Can Help Home Buyers

    The right realtor can make a big difference when buying a home. While this is especially true for first-time buyers, all home buyers should find a realtor who will successfully guide them through all of the necessary steps from start to finish.

    Here are just three ways the right real estate agent can help when you are ready to purchase your new home:

    1. Deciding the Amount of Your Mortgage Down Payment

      The ideal down payment is 20 percent of the selling price, which lets you start building equity immediately. What many people don’t realize is that smaller down payments are acceptable to numerous lenders. In fact, some lenders will allow you to put down as little as 3.5 percent. A good real estate agent can help you decide what works best for you.

    2. Choosing a Lender

      Finding the best mortgage rate can be challenging and finding the right lender is critical for a smooth home-buying experience. A good realtor can help you navigate these murky waters by finding a lender that’s right for you, so be sure you ask for their assistance.

    3. Acting as a Liaison

      A realtor is able to go between you and the home seller in order to negotiate the best deal. Agents may also have numerous contacts and access to unlisted properties, increasing your ability to find the perfect home. Licensed real estate agents know which questions to ask, who to ask, and are able to work with interested parties to set appointments which may only be available to real estate professionals.

    The home buying process can be tricky and difficult. Let the RJ Homes team help you find the home of your dreams.

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