Danny, thank you so much for your devotion and patience with me while I searched and searched for the home that you, in the end, made happen for us!
    I have a great deal of respect for your job in life, I don’t how you do it. However, this morning I think I nailed it on the head by saying every person has their own niche in life, and this, my friend, I think is yours.

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your hard work and ability to DEAL with me ( for lack of better words). Though the paperwork side of it was difficult, you always seemed to point out that little tiny light at the end of the tunnel, and by doing that, I was able to watch that light get brighter and brighter, and POOF! All is now said and done.

    You’re a rock star, you remained a highlight of my days. I am very grateful for you!

    Thank you again!
    – Dawn Mawhinney

    We bought a condo from out of state. It was very difficult. Raena went above and beyond and did so much to help us. I would highly recommend her. She was very professional and knowledgeable.
    – briannesmith1999

    Raena Janes was knowledgeable and friendly. She made me feel comfortable that she was on my side. Everything went smoothly, because she knew what she was doing.
    – amyrubasch

    Raena was so helpful from the get go. I was nervous about purchasing my first home, but she listened to all my concerns, eased my mind, and showed me some great properties. Raena has a thorough knowledge of the Tucson area and that incredibly helpful since I’d only been here about a year. I didn’t end up purchasing a home (the timing didn’t work out) but she never pressured me. Raena understood the process. I would highly recommend Raena to everyone.
    – pinkathequeen

    Raena Janes was a joy to work with. She was always available to promptly answer our questions and very efficient in moving the process forward in a timely manner. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell as she is very effective and reliable.
    – arubasch1

    Raena is so approachable and easy to work with as my home-buying agent. I couldn’t be happier! Raena is deeply thoughtful about my needs and cares about what is best for me. It’s quite refreshing. She has an amazing wealth of knowledge about property, the market, and the overall process – I always learn something new after being with her! I feel like I really lucked out having Raena as my agent. She is such a guiding light.
    – austin thies

    Raena Janes is an amazing real estate agent. She listed and sold my house and got my family into another home within 2 months. She didn’t cut any corners and made sure my deal was completed perfectly. I am amazed at how quick and easy the process was. I will definitely be using Raena again in all of my real estate needs.
    – wrubasch

    Raena is so friendly and put me right at ease. She found me so many things in my price range and was very patient with me. I have a beautiful forever home thanks to her. If anyone is interested in buying a home, I definitely recommend her!!
    – jtprincipal